1936 Cartier Halo Tiara


The Halo tiara


The tiara was purchased by The Duke of York (later George VI) for his wife Elizabeth three weeks before he succeeded his brother as King.

It was given to Princess Elizabeth (later Elizabeth II), by her mother. Princess Anne lent the tiara before she herself received the Greek Meander Tiara from her mother Queen Elizabeth II in 1972.

The tiara was last seen at the wedding between prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Worn byEdit

  • Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Princess Margaret
  • Princess Anne
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, then Middleton.

Events Edit

  • Coronation on 2 June 1953 (Princess Margaret)
  • Wedding on 29 April 2011 (Catherine Middleton)
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